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The Canadian Federation of Ocean Kayak Educators has successfully completed a merger with the Association of Canadian Sea Kayak Guides.  All CFOKE certificates have now expired.  If you see a CFOKE certificate that appears valid, it is likely a forgery; please email it to us for verification.  CFOKE guides and leadership course graduates now obtain and renew their certification with the ACSKG.

Please see:  Certification Transfer Method

The ACSKG warmly welcomes CFOKE certified guides.
To ensure each guide's eligibility for transferring certification from CFOKE to ACSKG, the Association administrator will cross-reference names with the CFOKE database.

Graduates of CFOKE leadership courses may apply for ACSKG equivalency.

ACSKG certified guides must have approved wilderness first aid and CPR level C certificates.
Each certificate must include an expiry date.

Please determine if a first aid course qualifies for ACSKG approval before registering on it.  Guides may encourage their preferred first aid course provider to apply to the ACSKG.  View the Course Application Process.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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