Association of Canadian Sea Kayak Guides

Association of Canadian Sea Kayak Guides
Recertifying & Updating Records

Since 2013, the ACSKG has been in the process of updating and computerizing all records for currently certified Association guides.  It's a big job and we are asking each guide for a little help.

If you recertified and updated your records with us in 2013 or later, your next recert will likely be quick and simple.

If your last certification was 2012 or earlier, your next recert may still be simple, though we will request some additional information in order to complete your file in the ACSKG's new digital records.

The ACSKG administrator is tasked with collecting the following from each certified guide:

Guide Log
Previously certified ACSKG guides are required to submit a guide log if they wish to progress to the next level of certification, or renew a Class III Endorsement, Guide Instructor or Guide Examiner certificate.  Please email the ACSKG a signed guide log that summarizes your experience.

The ACSKG may not require each trip separately logged; please make it easier on yourself and the volunteer evaluation committee members - a basic summary is all we need from previously certified ACSKG guides.  View a sample log summary.  Please remember to include your total number of days.

The ACSKG intends to eventually collect updated logs from each certified guide, however; if you would rather not submit a guide log this year, you may still qualify for assistant or full guide recertification - depending on the level of certification you had last time you registered with the ACSKG.

Radio Certificate
VHF radio operators certificate:
Previously certified ACSKG guides who have since misplaced their radio certificate are not required to resubmit a copy of their radio certificate, as it is valid for a lifetime.
However, if you still have your radio certificate, please email us a copy for safekeeping in the ACSKG's new digital records.  Thank you.

Additional Information
Step-by-step certification process:
Ways to expedite your certification:

ACSKG certificates can be issued for:

Please indicate which level you are applying for.

Avoid recertifying June through September

Thanks for supporting the Association of Canadian Sea Kayak Guides.
Please contact us if you have any questions.